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Why Choose Hail Resistant Roofing Shingles?

The Many Benefits of This Damage-Resistant Roofing Style

When it comes to Hail Damage and Shingle Roof Replacement in Austin, it can be a bit of a tricky situation. Needless to say, there are many roofing companies here in the Austin area who are only concerned with roofing your home with cheap materials and shoddy workmanship. Because Texas does not require roofing contractors to be certified, licensed, or insured it is very easy to wind up paying dearly for this if something goes wrong. This is where we at Reliable Roofing stand apart.

Knowing the types of materials that are installed on your home’s roof is important. And understanding how manufacturers’ warranties operate with the materials used is even more important. This is a critical piece of information to get familiar with when you are considering the roofing materials that are installed on your home’s roof. Because Austin, Round Rock, and our surrounding communities have been subject to severe storms, including recent hail storms and tornadoes, your materials and installation work may not be able to stand up to these conditions. And when they do fail the warranties that come with your new roof will become null and void as a result.

At Reliable Roofing, we are the home of the Hail Resistant Shingle Roof. We are Malarkey Premium Dealers who offer the industry’s toughest and most durable products available on the market. So when hail and high windstorm damage strike, your roof can withstand the damage. And if not, our warranties will provide you the assurance that they will remain intact so that you do not have to worry about paying out of pocket for any roof repair or replacement, including labor and materials. Continue reading to learn more. Or, get in touch for a free consultation and quote today!

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Hail Resistant Roof Shingle Protection in Austin Texas

Hail and Damage Resistant Shingle Austin, TX

Why use Hail Resistant Shingle Roofing?

Whenever considering Shingle Roof Replacement in Austin or one of our surrounding communities, it is important to know the shingle materials that you are putting on your home’s roof. Many of the top manufacturer brands that are used commonly by roofers in Austin are Class 1 shingles, which is the lowest class of shingles that can be used on your home. These shingles are typically able to withstand hail around ¾ of an inch to 1.25 inches in size.

Here in Austin, that type of Shingle Rating simply is not good enough. In fact, if you look back to the top four hail damage incidents that have happened here locally in recent years (Austin Hailstorms of 1993, 2005, 2009, and 2021) you will find the average hail diameter is between 1.75 to 2 inches and larger. With a Class 1 Rated Shingle, your roof would not be capable of withstanding that type of damage. Not only does this create instances where the integrity of your roof becomes compromised, but it can also lead to roof leaks that can cause water damage inside of your home. This can lead to mold and extremely expensive water restoration and mediation work that can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

At Reliable Roofing, we can help protect your home and your wallet. As Malarkey Premium Contractors we offer free upgrades to our Malarkey Vista Class 3 Hail Impact Rated Shingles to help insulate you from severe hailstorms and wind damage (up to 130 mph). With this upgrade you not only get a superior roofing shingle that can withstand extreme storm conditions, the cost is often equal to or even cheaper than the class 1 shingles that other Austin roofing companies would offer to install on your home. We also offer a number of other complimentary upgrades (click here to see current offers), but most importantly is the difference in warranties we have to offer you. Continue reading on to learn more.

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Superior Austin Roof Replacement Warranty

Get Peace of Mind with 100% Coverage

Shingle Roof Replacement in Austin and the warranties offered by the roofing company and manufacturer of the product installed on your home’s roof can be a bit of a wildcard. Depending on the class of the shingle and its properties may not provide the coverage necessary to stand up to the severe weather we experience here in Central Texas. That is why it is important to understand how a warranty may work and the coverage features they offer. Otherwise, you could be left footing the bill in the end.

Depending on the shingle rating, you will want to understand the type of hail coverage it protects you from and also other conditions such as wind ratings. As illustrated earlier, with the average hail size that we experience here in Austin being between 1.75 and 2 inches in many cases, a class one shingle warranty would become null and void as a result. There are also wind damage considerations too. With Austin prone to extreme wind conditions, especially during storm season, many of the class one and two shingles would also be unable to withstand the damage or provide coverage.

When you install your roof with Reliable Roofing, you automatically get a free upgrade to a class three rated shingle. Capable of withstanding winds of up to 130 mph! And in the event that a storm takes place and damage occurs, you have the peace of mind knowing that you will have a 15-year warranty that covers materials and labor, no strings attached. All warranties are transferrable and with our hail-resistant shingles, they can even help lower your home insurance annual premium by up to 10 to 15%. We even offer a 45 Year Premium Warranty to extend the coverage, which is also fully transferrable, without any proration after any period of time. Now that’s an assurance!

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Why Reliable Roofing for Shingle Roof Replacement Austin

The Definition of Hail and Damage Resistant Roofing for Greater Austin Area

Now that we have an opportunity to share why our Hail-Resistant Shingle Roofing is great for Shingle Roof Replacement in Austin, let’s talk about why hire Reliable Roofing for your project. Many roofers in Austin simply want to put roofs on homes in volume. Using cheap materials because they know whenever a storm strikes, they can come back and reroof your home over and over again for the duration of your ownership of that home. Not only is this incredibly inconvenient for you every time you have to have to deal with this, but you also have to deal with the insurance claims process, paying deductibles, and reliving this over and over again until you hire Reliable Roofing.

At Reliable Roofing, we focus on using quality and durable products instead. This way whenever a severe storm hits your neighborhood you do not have to worry. So when your neighbor’s roof is being replaced for a third or fourth time after every few years, your roof will still be intact and going strong. Our goal instead is to earn your recommendations to your neighbors so that we can then roof your neighbor’s homes. This way they can also enjoy a worry-free roof for decades to come. That’s integrity and how we want to earn you and your neighbor’s business.

Additionally, even though the state of Texas does not require any certifications, licensing, or insurance, we still have taken the initiative to have all three. This way you know you have an experienced and skilled roofing professional who knows what they are doing when we replace your roof. And if someone happens to fall off the roof and hurt themselves, you also do not have to worry about having to cover any accidents that occur on your property during your roof replacement project.

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